ElFarouq Foundation was founded in 1997 as a non-profit organization with the exclusive educational and charitable purpose to further the teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and for the practice of the religion of Islam.

Masjid Elfarouq construction started in 1997 and completed in 1998. It is located at 1207 Conrad Sauer Drive, Houston, Texas 77043. The masjid was named after the second Caliph in Islam, the leader of the believers, ElFarouq Omar Ibn El-Khattab, may Allahﷻ be pleased with him.

Ishaa & Taraweeh Prayer will start at 9:45pm 

  • Masjid Elfarouq opens with limited capacity and within the following rules and guidelines: 
  1. Face Masks Must Be Worn At All Time
  2. Bring your own Prayer Rug
  3. Pray Obligatory Prayers Only At The Mosque Then Leave
  4. No Children Under The Age Of 12 Are Allowed 
  5. Social Distancing Of A Minimum Of 6 Feet Will Be Enforced
  6. Once The Mosque Reaches Its Capacity, Nobody Will Be Allowed Inside
  7. No Socializing Inside Or Outside The Mosque
  8. Use Hand Sanitizers Before Entering The Mosque
  9. No Handshakes, No Hugging, Greet Each Other From A Distance
  10.  If You Have A High Temperature, Or If You Are Displaying Any Cough Or Other Symptoms, You Will Be Asked To Leave

Please make sincere Du'aa for yourself, your family, Elfarouq's congregation, the Muslim community, and the rest of the world. We ask Allahﷻ to make things easy for everyone.


Lake Charles Islamic Center Is Looking For Imam

  • Lake Charles Islamic Center is looking for a qualified Imam to lead the community. Please see details at this link.